Monday, July 6, 2009

dharmagirl: goals july 6-12

Greetings, swimmers!

To revisit last week's goals and progress/lack thereof:

dharmagirl's writing goals for June 29-July 5
1. Finish June NaBloPoMo completed!
2. Continue journaling/MP every day: bump up to 3 pgs/day M-F yes, Sa-Su no (was on holiday getaway)
3. Work on RWA presentation: create new document. add sections from PCA presentation to new document. add bits from Bet Me. keep it simple, smart, and succinct. worked a little, but wrote/took notes/read longhand
4. Re-read/revise digital novel abstract. send to fellow co-editor. no.
5. Read a little more every day--try to read one entire novel this week. just because. did read a little. but not a whole book.

Gosh, I'm not doing so well with my writing and reading goals. What have I been doing?!? Spending time with people. Baking. Nurturing other parts of my life. So, I don't feel too bad about not meeting my goals. Summer is a fleeting season around these parts, and sheer enjoyment and ebullience seems to trump *everything* else right now.

dharmagirl's writing goals for July 6-12
1. Continue regular blogging. post two entries while visiting my parents
2. Continue Journaling/MP everyday: 3 pages/day
3. Draft 6 page RWA talk by Sunday night
4. Finish reading Jane Green's The Beach House
5. Begin my 100 list


  1. If I had been spending time with people and baking I would call my week a success. You are right! This is Summer! And it will take a whole long year to get another one. It seems like you are really making the most of it.

    I like how some of you have included Reading in your summer goals, which takes me back to Kiki's question: Can you write without reading?

    Keep enjoying your summer!

  2. I'm glad to hear that others are having trouble getting in all three morning pages at a time. But Cameron is so right when she says the sweet spot comes at about page one-and-a-half, and after that, it's nothing but goodness.

    What's your 100 list? Is that like the 101 things in 1001 days project?

  3. glad to hear that you're having such a lovely summer ;) enjoy!

    How is The Beach House?

    looking forward to hearing more about your 100 list :)

  4. Yes ENJOY your summer! Spending quality time w/ people, baking, nurturing, etc. is a wonderful thing.

    P.S. let me know how you like The Beach House. i've been meaning 2 read it!

  5. hi all!

    the 100 list is one of those internet/blogger/facebook memes, in which you list 100 things about yourself. it's hard in that i either tend to be superficial/silly or serious/heavy. i need my middle ground:)

    *the beach house* is good--lots and lots of characters at this point, and i'm curious to see how she'll bring them all together. i'm hoping to read a good chunk of it at the beach this afternoon (what a perfect "beach read"! hee!)

    i haven't been reading nearly as much as usual this summer and have actually been writing more, so perhaps there is some wisdom in the advice to cut down on's like my own thoughts and words are a bit clearer without the influence of other writers insistent and persistent in my head. hmmmm.