Monday, July 13, 2009

Revisionista: Update & Goals

Bonjour mes amies!

Before I dive into my list for the week, I first want to thank Kiki for setting up the comments subscription. Sometimes I forget to look back at our previous posts to read the comments so this will be uber helpful.

Also, Vienna mentioned wanting to keep this group going in the fall. I had a similar thought a few weeks ago & figure we can just call it the Solstice Writing Inspiration Movement. That way we can still keep our SWIM acronym (which I just love since it sounds much more exciting than plain ol' "writing) and just add the season: Fall SWIM, Winter SWIM, etc. :)

I've really enjoyed reading all your posts and updates. And I'm looking forward to reading all the great books, stories, novels, etc that come out of our petite SWIM team.

This past week I've been kinda quiet on the blog front since I was making friends with my domestic diva while decluttering and decorating my kitchen.

Some writing got done, but I came up short on a few of my goals:
  • Continue morning pages each day. Everyday but Sunday!
  • Freewrite 10 singlespaced pp of CH 1 of the academic book (finish writing about 1st novel of section) I had to pause and translate passages from the French novel I'm writing about so I only got 5pp written
  • Draft 20 handwritten, wild, messy pages of the NOLA novel wrote 14/20
  • Type novel so far not yet
  • Read Cailtin Macy's Spoiled read a few more stories but didn't finish
  • Start Edwige Danticat's Farming of Bones not yet
  • Blog post on novel writing process no blog posts at all (boo!)
  • REWARD: take the novel out for a a guiltfree morning writing (maybe Sunday morning) didn't quite meet my goals but to celebrate the writing I did do I took the novel out for lunch at Panera Thursday afternoon; had a really serene writing session where I felt like I was inside the story watching everything happen.
This week, in addition to the academic writing, I want to do much more fun reading and take the novel out for another lunch or coffee. Since I have to put the academic writing first (to make sure it gets done), I don't always get to the novel writing but I think that devoting a few hours to it over lunch or coffee will help keep it warm so I'll want to pick it up when I have 15 or 20 minutes here and there.

This Week

  • Continue morning pages each day
  • Freewrite 10pp of CH 1 (try to end week on S's novel)
  • Write from each novel character's point of view (my brain hasn't really been motivated by thinking in terms of pages/chapters, so I'm going to see if writing from the characters' povs will help me make more progress. I do love my characters so I'll just think in terms of hanging out with J or L or M to see what they're up to)
  • Type up some of novel
  • 2 blog posts
  • Try to finish Caitlin Macy's Spoiled
  • REWARD: hmmmm, maybe a matine although I don't know if there's anything playing that I really want to see. Or, maybe treat the novel to another afternoon out or maybe a cd or movie on itunes....I'll see what's most appealing at the end of the week.


  1. I would love for this to continue into the Fall. It's such a beautiful forum!

    Your writing experiences sound so fabulous. I'd love to chat more about writing in general and also Le Book ;-)

  2. yay! i know i'll need this group to keep swimming in the fall when i have to attend more to others' writing than my own (boo!!!).

    super goals this week--best wishes:)

  3. Yes, please, let's definitely keep this going! The prospect of reading more of each other's work is very exciting, we should have a virtual "Open Mike" week at some point...

    I love that you "take your novel out for lunch." The phrase really makes me feel that all our writing goals are living, breathing creatures that need sustenance and interaction in order to survive. They need to be taken out on dates, seduced a little, softened up in a nice environment before they can relax and start talking. Thanks for the great image!

  4. So glad this is going itno the fall too - I promise to be more disciplined at the early end of the week and posting then :) I seem to have turned Wednesday into my SWIM update day :)

  5. Now that I'm back I'm enjoying the dive into all your comments of the week! How much going on! Our little group is becoming more and more alive and I'm so happy about it. Yes, please, let's carry on SWIMming after the summer. About the name I would like to keep the Swim part too. It's a really nice image and it makes it sound as enjoyable, exciting, relaxing, flowing as it has been so far.

    It is an excellent idea to share at some point our writing. I am very curious about what everyone is doing.

    Like Kiki, I also love your 'take the novel out' image. Yes, let's make it playful and fun.