Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tomato: Week Quatre

Checking: Week 3 Goals

1. Continue daily journaling and addition of creative elements. Oui! I did this! I collaged again (all beach-y scenes since I'm obsessed with taking that kind of vacay) and also incorporated tons of stickers and colored pencil doodles. :)

2. Attempt to do my journaling via "morning pages" and incorporate into my morning ritual. FAIL. This has been *SO* hard for moi. Also, one of my July Goals was to create a morning ritual, and that has also been a major FAIL. :( Any tips??

3. Research on Le Book (aka finding complementary books, finding my "twist", etc.) Also FAIL, but in my defense, I've been busy with oodles of other stuff (like my career coaching assignments from Pink Heels!)

Week 4 Goals

1. Continue daily journaling.

2. Completely weekly assignments for career coaching in a timely manner. Carve out space in Planner Pad to work on these assignments.

Instead of beating myself over the fact that I'm not getting as many of my writing goals accomplished as I hoped, I am just going to set some lighter goals for the future. I have a tendency to put a lot of undeserved pressure on myself! Writing for moi is cathartic and pleasurable - I never want it to become a burden. Doesn't that defeat the purpose?

Well I'm on an uber tight budget this month, so I don't think I should get another 90-minute massage anytime soon. What should my reward be? I got nothin'! Suggestions??


  1. Yay on your journaling.

    As for a reward - how about something like an at-home spa afternoon - it sounds like you have a pool nearby, so magazines + pool + at-home spa treatments.

  2. your journaling sounds like so much fun. & i think you're absolutely right about wanting writing to be pleasurable and not a burden. i try to keep the novel in that pleasurable realm, which makes it so much easier to actually make progress with it.

    as for a morning ritual, you might try super small by just taking the time to write down your intention for the day in your plannerpad or journal. or if you don't have a lot of time, you might take your ritual into the shower (cup of green tea, a candle, some deep breaths, your favorite shampoo/wash, and maybe a small ntbk or your journal so you can record any random thoughts after you're done).

  3. So many things going on! Make sure you're not taking on too much right now, so that you can focus on your career coaching, writing, and whatever else is *really* important. There is so much wonderful inspirational goodness out there, it is easy to sign up for everything and then just feel like you're not doing any of it justice.

    My morning ritual is stuck on three things: make tea, write morning pages, turn on computer. Okay four: the first thing I do is stumble downstairs in a haze. Maybe that's it - how much has to go into a ritual before it actually becomes a ritual? What about making a Tiny Morning Ritual?

    What about making your rewards this week all free? Like, putting all the Tranquility Du Jour/Hip Tranquil Chick podcasts on creativity together for an intense hit of goodness? Making a facial mask out of pantry ingredients for an at-home spa evening? Treating yourself to breakfast in bed on Sunday morning and reading only the "fun" sections of the Sunday paper?

  4. Your journaling sounds amazing. You are doing so well!
    You are right about setting lighter goals for yourself. I fall into the same sometimes, making life harder for myself. You are doing well prioritising and dedicating time to things that are really important for you right now. Everything else will just come together on its own. I am absolutely with you about not making writing a burden. I absolutely love writing but, as I tend to do, sometimes I am too hard on myself and that completely defeats the purpose of writing. Yours and Revisionista's words really resonate within me. Let's make writing fun and pleasurable.

    Good luck with all your goals. About the ritual, I would say, just start small and manageable. If you take pleasure on it, it will happen again and again and then it will become a ritual.
    I really feel like I have missed out so much with this reading ban week. I look forward to reading to your blog again. It's so full of life!