Friday, July 17, 2009

Vienna: little success.

Well, I made it for tonight. No TV. I managed to gather my last bunch of energy and I did a yoga session at home, meditated and ORGANISED THE BOOKS I'M GOING TO START READING VERY SOON, PUT THEM IN ORDER, CLASSIFIED THEM IN CATEGORIES. But didn't read a word. Now a new challenge: Going to bed without my book. My night ritual has been broken and I am ending up going to sleep very late every night this week, which means I get up also late in the morning (with no time for morning pages or yoga, Ahhhh!) Tonight instead of reading I'm going to recall the 100 things for what I am grateful today. Let's see in which good thought I fall asleep (I doubt I get to even 15...). Good night everyone.


  1. Not reading at night really broke my nighttime ritual too, especially because reading books without footnotes is how I like to turn my brain off in the evening before bed.

    So proud of you, Vienna! How do you feel this has been for your own writing this week?

  2. You are so cute!! You've been doing wonderfully :)