Thursday, July 2, 2009

Revisionista: Early Check-In

Since I'm leaving town early tomorrow morning to head to my parents' house, I'm going to do my update now. My parents & baby sis don't know about my little blogging world so I won't be hopping on the computer to update the blogs or to twitter.....gasp, I think I'm already displaying symptoms of withdrawal. Y'all are such a regular (& tres important!) part of my day!

Anyways, here's how I've done so far this week:

This Week

  • YES! I'll record them in my journal Fri-Sun. Continue morning pages: am loving banging them out on le pink beast; they're riddled with errors but I'm finding that the stuff I write has more energy & honesty than some of the handwritten pp I've been doing. I think I've been journalling by hand so long, I sometimes don't catch myself when I'm talking at the surface level. The surface level of (I'm hungry, what am I going to do today) comes out so boring on the typewriter so it forces me to dive deeper for the real stuff.... (there'll be a post about all this craziness soon!)
  • YES! in fact, I got 10pp freewritten. (cue the Sean Kingston, this chapter's on fire!) Freewrite 8 singlespaced pp of CH 1 of the academic book (get into the fiction section)
  • So far 3/20, but am planning to write more this weekend. Will report back on Sunday. Draft 20 handwritten, wild, messy pages of the NOLA novel
  • YES! Draft & submit abstract to dharmagirl's collection! :)
  • YES! will post a pic with my Monday goals REWARD: order favorite writing candles (Ooooo & go see Public Enemies avec Johnny Depp & Christian Bale! I'll probably do this regardless of whether I meet my goals so I'll stick with the candles as a reward!)
Happy writing and safe travels, mes amies! :)


  1. yay great job! i'm also heading 2 my parents' this weekend, but i'm sure i'll be all over the twitter/blog world. will miss you!


  2. Congratulations!
    It looks like it has been a very productive week for you.
    Enjoy the weekend with your family.