Thursday, July 16, 2009

New SWIMer!

Hi fellow SWIMers! 

 My name is Lauren and I am new to this blog.  I currently have a blog called Everyday Revelry.  I also write twice a week at The Latin Americanist.  I work full time and I am in graduate school part time.  Because of all of those things, my writing goals, both short and long-term, are all over the place.  I thought I would share the overarching goals and then post my goals for the rest of this week.

1. Write more regularly in my paper journal:  I have been trying to do Morning Pages (though these often become afternoon or evening pages!).  I also just signed up for SARK's Juicy Journaling program.

2. Spice up my blog posts.  When I started Everyday Revelry, I had no idea what I wanted to write about and I sort of still don't know.  I've been experimenting with things that interest me but I'd like to have more continuity and longer posts.  With work and school, I need to make a better effort to concentrate on what I post and improve my writing.

3. Think about research possibilities for a PhD.  I am still torn over whether or not I want to pursue this route.  I have several academic interests but I would really like to research memory/forgetting in Latin American literature following the dirty wars.  I need to research this some more and write out how I feel about it.

4. Explore freelancing.  My ideal career involves being a yoga teacher and a freelance writer.  I just signed up for a course called "Get Paid to Write: Become a Freelance Writer!" , which starts August 10th, and ordered several books on the subject.  The course itself has mini-assignments or goals that I want to build on as I go.

Goals for the week:  This week I want to explore the questions from days 1-3 of the SARK program in my paper journal as well as write my morning pages.  My second goal is to post on Everyday Revelry each day, brainstorm new post ideas and try to post things that will illicit more comments and/or bring more readers.   I also hope to read a book I just bought called My So-Called Freelance Life.

Reward: One of Mario Benedetti's books and possibly a bottle of vinho verde.

I'm really excited to be the newest kid on the block!  I hope I can support you all in your writing goals!


  1. Welcome, Lauren!! I'm so glad you're SWIMming with us :)

    I love that your list includes "thinking" & "exploring" goals.

    I'm looking forward to more of your posts :)

    (Remind me to add you to the sidebar!)

  2. Welcome Lauren! I'm so glad you're SWIMMing with us - your blog is great, and I'm loving how we've been connecting on twitter.

    Time now to play Devil's Advocate. You said in your post that your ideal career involves being a yoga teacher and a freelance writer, and yet you're considering a Ph.D. As someone nearing the end (thank goodness) of her Ph.D. and envisioning the same ideal career path as you - which means leaving the Ph.D. behind - then I have to ask: have you noticed that your ideal career path does not mention academia?

    We ask tough questions here, but only because they are the same ones we are dealing with ourselves. Can't wait to read more of your posts, both on SWIM and Everyday Revelry!

  3. Hi Lauren. Welcome to SWIM! I don't know if you will have read about it but I am reading Julia Cameron's 'The Artist's Way' and this week's tasks involved A READING BAN. So I couldn't read any of the SWIM posts (well, or anything else, at all. Yes, very frustrating!) So, a bit late, but here I am. I am so glad you joined us.
    Interesting! my ideal life would also involve being a yoga teacher and writing. I would also like to keep involved with the university and teaching language and creative writing.
    Kiki's question is the question I've been asking myself several times. There is something strangely contradictory with my goals, what I actually do and the life I want to live. Time, time ago I started a PhD. At the time I was very interested in Medieval Literature so my topic was an exploration of pain in Spanish Medieval feminine literature. I still find it extremely interesting but, for various reasons, my life has gone through so many different and unexpected paths that one day I asked myself the question: What do you want your life to be? It was then when I decided to change my path and start working towards the dream which had lived buried inside me during my whole life. That dream was writing. That's why I completed a PGC in Creative Writing and now I am trying to finish off and send an application form to study the second year of the MA. I still would like to follow the path of a PhD. I love researching, writing and teaching. But I wouldn't like that to be 100% of my life. Well, we'll see where I end up eventually. One advise I would give you with your PhD is to make it relevant to your ideal life and your passion. I understand perfectly where you are now. I also work full time and trying to work on everything else in my own time, which is not much...
    I have read The Latinamericanist blog a few times before. I find it very interesting. One of my modules at uni involve teaching Latin American topics so I'll definitely will be refering my students to your blog. I look forward to reading Everyday revelry.
    Which Benedetti book are you going to buy? I love Benedetti. I had the pleasure to meet him about ten years ago. He came to my university in Barcelona to give us a talk. It was fantastic and trully inspiring. I absolutely fell in love with him! So sad to hear from his death...

  4. Revisionista--Thanks so much! I included the "thinking and exploring" goals because they are such important steps but they are often the first to be cast aside when life gets crazy. I hope to finally make some headway on them.

    Kiki--That's exactly the dilemma I am struggling with now. I am struggling with what is practical versus what is unrealistic, where I want to end up in life (both in terms of a career and in terms of geographic location), etc. and all of those things are factors into the decision.

    Vienna--I will probably get "Cuentos completos". It's fairly difficult to get many of Benedetti's works here, so the next time I am in Latin America I plan on stocking up!