Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Vienna: Delayed goals (again)

How did it happen again? Wednesday? Time really flies. After my brief holiday, Monday started the week roller coaster. I've spent most of my time working in the office and it seems that I'm going to be doing the same for the rest of the week. Writing syllabus, re-editing the modules' WebCT, assembling dossiers. So, from the professional writing point of view, I am not doing too bad. What is happening to my creative writing again? Aaaaaaah! I am evaluating my week and I haven't set my goals yet! Why everthing feels so chaotic with no goals, with no lists? Ok. Let's see what I can do.

  1. Blog in Ones and Writing in Spanish. I have already written a post today, The postgrad party. After seeing the play Temp/Casual last Sunday at Manchester, the concept wouldn't let me go.

  2. Finish the short (not-so-short now) story Shooting.

  3. Catch up with The Artist's Way's tasks.

  4. Morning pages.

Let's see what I manage. Saturday I'm back again in Manchester (Oh, I love the city!) to attend the preview of a film my boyfriend has worked on (More info next week). I'm so excited about it. If there is a red carpet (which I doubt) that I need to walk I promise to post picture!

Have a great SWIM!


  1. I so hear you on looking up on Wednesday and realizing goals and lists need to be made.

    Do you do your morning pages as soon as you get up or on your morning commute. I know the former is preferable, but i found the later worked really well for me for a while.

  2. I do them first thing in the morning, as I get up. Now my commute is by bus and, unfortunately, I've developed this travel sickness if I read or write while there. I hope I learn to drive soon (yes, I can't drive yet...) and I enjoy more time for myself. It's not too bad now because during the summer my timetable is more flexible, but when classes start again in September, writing MPs is going to be a challenge. However, I am determined to carry on with my writing routine. I hope I find the way because I feel very frustated when I cannot write because of lack of time. Once a month I'll be also travelling to Manchester for my Yoga Teacher Training. I'll definitely use the commute (I'm ok reading on the train) to write.

  3. Do you have any recommendations for good blogs to read in Spanish? I'd love to find blogs to read on pretty much any of my interests: yoga, nutrition, creativity, writing, literature, travel, cooking, etc.

    Por cuestiones de trabajo, estoy hablando y escribiendo en español casi todos los días, pero me gustaría leer más para ampliar mi vocabulario.

    ¿Eres española? Veí el uso de vosotros en su blog, Writing in Spanish. Hace muchos años pasé unas semanas viajando entre Madrid y Barcelona. ¡Qué país tan lindo!

  4. Hi Lauren

    ¡Qué ilusión que escribiste en castellano!
    I will copy and paste the links of the blogs I follow in Spanish for you.
    I started writing Ones in Spanish too. (The word 'ones' is a Catalan word meaning 'waves') Lately I have shifted to English. My everyday life is in English so it made sense. However I am trying to keep a balance and write in Spanish and Catalan aswell. I'm not sure how to do it yet without making it look too messy.
    Sí, soy española, de Barcelona. Hace 9 años que vivo en Inglaterra, así que ahora me he convertido en una mezcla extraña de culturas. Soy profesora de español también en la universidad. Me alegra de que te gustara España. Yo nunca he estado en los EEUU, pero espero visistarlo algún día. Tu blog sobre asuntos latinoamericanos me parece interesantísimo y de hecho lo he recomendado a mis estudiantes. Te escribo los nombres de los blogs en el tuyo cuando tenga un minuto.

  5. Can I just say how fantabulous I think it is that we're such a multilingual bunch?

    But while I can read the exchange above, I'm not sure all of us can, and we pride ourselves on being inclusive! Would you ladies like to flex your translation muscles and offer bilingual posts whenever the muse to write in Spanish strikes?

  6. Of course! I think that was a one-off, anyway! I am sorry if anyone has felt excluded. I can't imagine how it would be like to read an exchange in Mandarin (that, of course, I cannot understand!) so I apologise about that.
    Well, here it is my translation:
    'Yes, I am Spanish, from Barcelona. I have lived in England for 9 years, so now I have become a strange mix of cultures. I am also a lecturer of Spanish at university. I am glad you liked Spain. I have never been in the States, but I hope to visit your country at some point. Your blog on Latin American issues is very interesting. I have recommended it to my students. I will write a comment on your blog with the blogs I follow in Spanish'.