Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tomato's Jumping Back In!

First, merci beaucoup for all the sweet and helpful comments on my last post. I was feeling weirdly panicky about the whole thing, but feel a lot less pressure now. And, not surprisingly, more willingness to write! Since I kind of missed Week 5, this is my Week 6 post. :)

Revisiting Week 4's Goals...

1. Continue daily journaling. Maybe not every day, but most days I am journaling and adding fun elements as well. My journal is almost full so I'm going shopping for a new one this weekend! :)

2. Completely weekly assignments for career coaching in a timely manner. Carve out space in Planner Pad to work on these assignments. Check! My Pink Heels homework is fun, I must confess. ;-) I had such a busy workweek last week that I declared Sunday a bed day and spent the morning/afternoon in bed with my Pink Heels notebook (see picture of inside below). It was good times. :)


1) Experiment with fun journaling a la Revisionista! Don't worry about lack of drawing ability and just GO FOR IT!

2) Consciously set aside your Juicy Journaling assignments and come to peace w/ the fact that I can take those on at a later time.

3) Get feedback on ideas for Le Book (may need some of y'all's help on this one) and start notebook exclusively devoted to its conception. Right now Le Book is mostly an idea in my head, and I think I need more vision and guidance before I begin writing it full-on. I envision a notebook full of ideas as a good starting point. :)

4) Keep up with SWIM!! (because you ladies are FABULOUS and INSPIRATIONAL!)

REWARD: Purchase Journal Bliss. :) :)


  1. LOVE that notebook! So cute! What kinds of homework does she have you doing?

    I've been setting aside a lot of the Juicy Journaling emails for later to. Some of them just speak to me more now than others. Maybe in the future the others will draw me in a little more.

  2. You sound so much happier! So glad you are!

    Notebook looks fantastic. I really liked the thought of spending Sunday in bed writing on it!

    Good luck with Le book ideas. I look forward to read how that evolves.

  3. oh my goodness--that notebook looks cute enough to be on a store shelf somewhere. love how you cut out the "pink heels" letters. (might have to borrow that trick)

    tres smart idea to start a separate notebook for Le Book! let me know if there's anything i/we can to do to help by way of brainstorming.

    enjoy your reward!! ;)

  4. The journal you made is tres adorable. What a great idea to do a notebook dedicated specifically to le book.

  5. So much goodness here! That notebook is great fun - are the letters 3-D foam or flat stickers?