Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kiki: Dope slap from the universe

This morning, I completed my second writing goal for this week of sending out a conference proposal, which was really rather satisfying.

But 90 minutes after sending the proposal out, the panel organizer e-mailed to reject it because "the panel had already been set." During the 120 hours in between the announcement going out, and my proposal coming in. With another month and half left to go before the panels are even due to the organizer. Right.

I feel like the universe has just given me a dope slap.


  1. that's ridiculous! the panel's probably composed of all the organizer's friends or something like that.

  2. That is really terrible. Like Revisionista said the panel was probably hand picked by the organizer.

    Congratulations for completing your second writing goal of the week.