Monday, July 13, 2009

dharmagirl's goals july 13-19

Happy Monday morning, y'all!

I have a successful goal update! hooray!

dharmagirl's writing goals for July 6-12
1. Continue regular blogging. post two entries while visiting my parents completed
2. Continue Journaling/MP everyday: 3 pages/day everyday except Sunday
3. Draft 6 page RWA talk by Sunday night no draft, but outline completed
4. Finish reading Jane Green's The Beach House yes
5. Begin my 100 list yes--70 out of 100 completed

As for rewards, well, I didn't set aside a certain reward, but I have several things that *could* count as rewards:
1. new linen suit for RWA conference, bought at JCrew outlet for $60!
2. new little black dress + pink opal necklace for RWA Awards banquet
3. trip to Milwaukee Monday afternoon to visit friend M visiting from PA

My goals for this coming week are going to be a bit different, as this is a BIG week for dharmagirl. I'm traveling to Washington, D.C. to present at the Romance Writers of America national conference. I'm presenting on a panel with Pamela Regis, leading romance scholar and author of A Natural History of the the Romance Novel , and Jennifer Crusie, best selling author and all-around awesome person.

Did I mention that I'm presenting on Jenny's novels?!?


So, my official role at the conference is to be a scholar/professor sharing insights on romance fiction with an audience of authors, readers, and others. But, as a wannabe romance novelist, I'm going to the conference to learn tips and tricks for novel writing and such. The schedule is filled with workshops that sound ideal and fun and inspirational. Yay!

I leave on Thursday and return on Sunday, and will have a little free time in DC. I'm toying with the idea of taking a yoga class with Kimberly Wilson (thanks, revisionista, for turning me on to her podcasts and tweets and website!). Ideally, in my free day in DC (Sunday), I would be sharing cocktails or a picnic with the Obamas, but I think they're already booked. So, any ideas of where to go? Monuments? A museum?

Anyway, my goals for this busy week:
1. continue 3 MPs/day
2. live mini-blog/tweet from RWA
3. whilst attending workshops and other conference events, seriously think about the role of novel writing in my life and decide what/how/when I want to do with my novel drafts...
4. obviously, finish presentation before leaving for DC


  1. So exciting about the conference! You'll be great, we're sure of it. I love how you're combining your professional and personal writing goals at the conference, delivering an academic paper even as you look for tips and tricks for your own novel.

    Great choice on the linen suit for DC summer - and what a bargain!

  2. Have fun! You'll be fabulous!! :)

  3. What an exciting week you have up ahead! I'm sure you'll be fabulous and wish we could see you in action.

    Don't you just LOVE Kimberly??