Saturday, July 4, 2009

Vienna: I'm back!

Hi everyone.

It's Saturday morning and, after yesterday's non-stop rain, the sun is shinning in my balcony and it's actually very hot, which seems a miracle (Beach plans on Sunday are still on!).

The title of this post reflects my mood this morning: I'm back. For first time in months I've managed to get back to my creative writing and that makes me extremely happy.

It's also been very interesting reading everyone's updates on this and your own personal blogs. I've felt very supported and motivated.

Well, the time of the truth:

This week's goals:

1. Module descriptions. Done! I just need to re-adjust a bit the resources and materials I'm going to use.

2. Resit exams. Done!

3. Desert flies. YEAH! Finished the story. Well, the first draft. Now the revising, editing job.

4. MA Portfolio: Well, the 'Desert flies' story was part of it. So, I can say I've started it but it still needs URGENT work.

5. Morning pages: 5 out of 7 days. I know... needs improving... But I feel I have progressed there. My first pages were silly, inconnected, and also for some reason full of anger and frustation. I had a very strong migraine on Thursday that completely knocked me out and somehow from there, there has been a change in my morning pages. I see it like a sort of 'catharsis' I've been through. My last morning pages have been full of gratitude, hope, fluidity of thoughts and ideas. I don't know if that's just a coincidence, but it's the way's gone and I'm happy with that.

This was not a goal I set last week but it's just happened: Blogging. I'm happy I've been able to keep track of all your posts, both on this blog and on your personal ones, and comment of them. I'm happy to be part of this adventure.
I have also managed to publish a couple of posts on my blog ONES (which is a Catalan word meaning 'waves'). Originally it was a blog written in Spanish. When I first created it I felt I needed a space to write in both my mother tongues: Spanish and Catalan; something that doesn't happen very often in my everyday life, which is in English. However, I can see how the blog is changing organically and I've started including some posts in English. At the moment I'm going to keep it like this but I also want to include posts in Spanish and Catalan at some point. I suppose I will alternate them.

Artist's date: This morning I have received my Mslexia
magazine. It is a Writing Magazine dedicated to women who write and I absolutely love it. After my gym session I'm going to find a quiet, beautiful place to read and read and read without interruption!
Have a happy and exciting weekend everyone!

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  1. Hey Vienna~it looks like you had a really productive week. I hope you had a relaxing artist date. It sounds like the uk has so many different kinds of writing magazines. I can't wait to check out Mslexia. :)