Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tomato: Week Trois

CHECKING IN: Week 2 Goals:

1. Start le book! In SOME capacity, even if it's just one paragraph. Do something to get the ball rolling. I followed ellecubed's idea to collage le book, and it was great! I made 3 collages while at my parents' house last weekend and plan to do more.

2. Continue to journal daily for at least 10 minutes. Check! Knowing that i just have to do 10 minutes takes a lot of pressure off (funny how a personal journal can be stressful, huh?). I think jotting down thoughts daily really helps me process and reflect my day.

3. Add creative elements to my journal, aka not just words on paper. SHARE with readers! Have done this and love it! My journal is so much funner to flip through now. As promised, below are pics of some of my creative journal endeavors. (The journals are diff. because i filled up the first - yay LOVE that feeling of completion)

Week 3 Goals

1. Continue daily journaling and addition of creative elements.

2. Attempt to do my journaling via "morning pages" and incorporate into my morning ritual.

3. Research on Le Book (aka finding complementary books, finding my "twist", etc.)


~Schedule 90-minute massage for next weekend :)


  1. Yeah! I see went for it eventually. Well done!!!!

    I love your collages. They are so fab!

  2. Oh my goodness. So much to love here.

    First, love the collages, especially all the pink in the second one. (I think we're reading the same magazines--hee)

    Second, yay for starting the book through collage! What a great idea!

    Third, journaling for just 10min is a great way to keep the practice going. I'll probably have to switch to something like that when classes begin again in the fall. I think trying to squeeze in morning pages during the semester might be a bit much, but we'll see.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do this week. :)

  3. LoveloveLOVE your collages! Carolyn, you are definitely une artiste when it comes to collaging! I've said it before, and I'll say it again - if you ran collage classes I would definitely come.

    SO PROUD of you for starting the book. Are you reading any particular books on writing, or using any particular resources? If you are, we'd love know what you have found useful.

    And how was that massage? I saw that you couldn't wait and had it on Friday instead :-)

  4. You guys are so sweet & supportive!!

    Merci beaucoup re: the collages - i LOVE collaging and have been doing it nonstop lately! Kiki - i will let you know when i start classes :)

    The massage was FANTASTIC btw.

    I'm not reading any particular books on writing, but i'd love suggestions!