Monday, July 6, 2009

Kiki: New Week, New Goals

Thank goodness, the reading ban is over so research (and therefore writing) can progress. Made some fantastic discoveries in the form of a few poems today that will really make a difference to this new chapter - but working through them is going to take a mammoth effort this week.

Writing goals for 6-10 July
*Write SWIM post explaining this chapter and its acronyms (like "SYZ")
*Transcribe and complete preliminary translations of all poems related to the SYZ site
*Write visual analysis of this chapter's focus painting
*Write visual analysis of at least two other supporting paintings
*Continue posting daily at The Prosecco Life
*Write 2.5 Morning Pages each day (slowly working up to three)
*Revise and update my 1001/101 Project to better reflect its evolution and get it back on track
Without a particular reward in mind last week for completing my last chapter, I ended up buying myself a little £5 phaleonopsis orchid, and three books: The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson, American Wife by Curtis Sittenfield, and The Duchess by Amanda Foreman. These were actually great bargain finds - they only cost me £3.50 each ($5.70). After my reading ban from last week, I am desperate for a bit of good fiction and biography.
Three of my rewards - Larsson is en route!

Revisionista was so right about setting your rewards before you start writing - it's like putting a price on a piece of art, which is not easy, but without it, you are not valuing your own work. So I am hereby declaring that my big reward for churning this new chapter out the end of July is going to be an afternoon entirely off work with a massage, some sort of deliciously unhealthy frozen drink, and general creativity-mongering.  It certainly helps that 31 July is a Friday, so I can have the entire weekend off to recover before diving into the final chapter on Monday 3 August.


  1. Books and flowers are always great rewards. I was thinking about my reward for this week and I've realised that I get a bit mixed up with the Artist Date and the Reward concept. Sometimes both things can be the same, can't they?

  2. I also like the framing effect in your picture!

  3. i love the pic too! such lovely rewards :)

  4. I think that Artist Dates and Rewards are enhanced by combining them a little bit - but not too much. Artist Dates and Rewards are both very important (important enough to be capitalized in mid-sentence), and they each deserve their own time.

    The framing effect is just one of the standard iPhoto effects in the "edit" pane - I never realized how useful they could be!

  5. what gorgeous rewards!

    yes, i can't wait to read about SYZ...i'm intrigued:)

    good luck this week!