Friday, July 24, 2009

Lauren's Check-In and New Goals

These were my goals for this past week:

Goals for the week:  This week I want to explore the questions from days 1-3 of the SARK program in my paper journal as well as write my morning pages.  My second goal is to post on Everyday Revelry each day, brainstorm new post ideas and try to post things that will illicit more comments and/or bring more readers.   I also hope to read a book I just bought called My So-Called Freelance Life.

I was successful in journaling from the SARK program, as well as writing my morning pages.

I posted on Everyday Revelry each week day as planned and recently I've added some meat to the posts.  I'd like to go deeper however.  Anything you would like to know/read more about?  I am still brainstorming ideas.

I finished My So-Called Freelance Life while going back and forth to Pennsylvania on the train this past weekend.  I think it was a wonderful and well-written (not dry either!) primer for anyone wanting to work for themselves.  The author is obviously a writer, but she speaks to a wide range of freelance possibilities (landscaper, photographer, massage therapist, etc.).  I think she covered every single possible thing I could want to know.

New goals for this week: The first goal is to get caught up on the days of the SARK journaling program that I have yet to explore.  The second is to spend some time brainstorming about a possible blog niche, new posts and bigger life goals.  The last is to get to a yoga class at least three times this week.  Might not seem related, but yoga definitely helps to bring me some clarity.  My reward will be a few hours of totally unscheduled me time next weekend!

Happy weekend, SWIMers!


  1. Unscheduled me time is one of the best rewards you can ever have! I look forward to reading what you will be up to!
    Congratulations for achieving your last week's goals (I've enjoyed reading your posts)and good luck with the new ones!

  2. I've found that a regular yoga practice brings me lots of clarity, and that is definitely one of my writing goals for the week.

    What were the best tips to come out of "My So-Called Freelance Life"? Would you be interested in writing a review or summary of it for us? Many of us seem to be seriously considering at least a little bit of freelance writing.

  3. Kiki--Sure, that's a great idea.

  4. love that unscheduled me time is your reward!

    thanks for sharing your review of *my so called freelance life*

    wishing you much success with your journaling, blogging, & yoga goals this week (& looking forward to more posts on Everyday Revelry!)

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